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 on: Today at 01:33:13 PM 
Started by Echo - Last post by M_Sprague
True to a point, but it is a good tool. Overusing them does seem to dull ones natural sense of direction, particularly if always staring at it while walking around. It is great for more quickly working out the best approaches or re-finding some boulder out in the middle of nowhere buried in the trees. Some Inuit could draw maps of places in other parts of the world that they had never been to or been told about supposedly, before those skills were corrupted by modern living. That was probably the case with all people living away from the distractions of modern life and still in tune with the natural world . At times I can sense where people have walked in the woods even a few days before, kind of like a path through space and have even been able to recognize the personality of the person, without consciously seeing physical evidence. Could be some atavistic remnant of picking up on pheromones like animals, who knows

 on: Today at 11:05:42 AM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by sneoh
3/8" is 0.5 mm smaller than 10.0 mm.
I have both metric and imperial sized wrenches and hex keys and have on several occassions frustrated myself using the "wrong" one.

 on: Today at 09:17:57 AM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by strandman
It may seem like a small difference, but it's enough..

 on: Today at 09:16:10 AM 
Started by Echo - Last post by strandman
In jerry's new book he quotes an old timer about GPS " if  you need it, you shouldn't be there "  it wasn't me, but it could have been.

It is FAR more important to work the terrain going into an obscure area and follow your nose......

 on: Yesterday at 10:24:42 PM 
Started by David_G48 - Last post by Admin Al
Nice job guys. I'm going to have to get over & try it this week or next.

 on: Yesterday at 09:24:41 PM 
Started by strandman - Last post by JChepes
Hobbs in W. Ossipee has growlers and 5 beers made that should be out by labor day so the rumor(bartender).  Cream ale , brown, chocolate porter and i forgot the other 2.  I will believe it when i have a full growler in hand.

 on: Yesterday at 09:09:45 PM 
Started by Echo - Last post by danf
As far as Jerry's book, it may not be relevant to this thread, but I have noticed he uses different GPS settings than most, so you have to change to what he uses to be accurate. If you compare to say google maps, his coordinates will be way off. Kind of a pain in the ass. I hope he changes that in the next edition.
I'm pretty certain that when I attempted to find Lost Ledge 2 years ago for the first time I had my GPS set for what ever datum that Jerry uses. It still takes you to the wrong spot, much further upstream which then leads to a bushwhack straight uphill. Which really sucks, trust me....

 on: Yesterday at 09:05:40 PM 
Started by Echo - Last post by JChepes
Getting Lost in the woods in NH is an intricate part of the state's climbing experience.  Keep it wild.

 on: Yesterday at 05:41:15 PM 
Started by Echo - Last post by lucky luke
LL, there is no marked trail to the Barber wall. No flagging, no paint, no cairns. What the heck are you talking about?

I want there Friday and, as I never top out on that place I lost the old path that follow the border of the wall to the bottom. I was surprise to follow a ground hiking trail, where all stuff that can help to prevent erosion was remove and I finally arrive at the top of the wall, over chicken delight, at the anchor.

if some one is managing the trail, I am sure that it is not a good way to do it.  and some prevention most be done there. The soil at this place is very fragile and soon the top of barber will change (death trees, sand in the crack, etc.  (note: they will have go to the bottom for the rescue)

 on: Yesterday at 04:31:16 PM 
Started by Echo - Last post by David_G48
Here we go again. Some things just do not require a response.

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