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General Climbing / Re: Removing bolts...
« Last post by the_other_andy on Yesterday at 01:00:20 AM »
Big Deal Rock Climb? That's a funny one to replace, was there something wrong with the bolts? Maybe check Grave Robber next to it as Chris and I put those bolts in at the same time.
General Climbing / :police: ::) ;D
« Last post by M_Sprague on December 06, 2016, 10:05:25 PM »
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan, Politics) / Re: Trump
« Last post by neiceclimber on December 06, 2016, 03:18:12 PM »

Nepotism? Stupidity? Blind hubris?

Perhaps the most poignant quote
"Trump is not known to have taken any briefings from the State Department yet, despite having conversations with several foreign leaders,according to a source at State. Trump has made moves that run directly counter to U.S. foreign policy, such as speaking with Taiwan's president a talk that upset China and suggested to U.S. diplomats that he doesn't care what they think. Trump also has yet to select a secretary of state, a delay that could be due to his awareness of the importance of that role but which is nonetheless deepening anxiety within the Foreign Service."
Events & Announcements / Winter on the Rockpile
« Last post by MWV_IceFest on December 06, 2016, 08:51:17 AM »
Check out the blog today.  Winter is IN on the rock pile!

Events & Announcements / AMGA Guest Guide, Mick Pearson! & DJ!
« Last post by MWV_IceFest on December 05, 2016, 12:26:52 PM »
Morning Folks! This is an AWESOME Monday! First, it's snowing down in the valley and has been snowing in the mountains all weekend! Second, we are so psyched to welcome AMGA Rock & Alpine certified Guide Guest Guide & DJ Mick Pearson! Mick will be DJ-ing & hosting the evening events on Friday & Saturday and he is coming out from Seattle with a plethora of big mountain knowledge to teach the 2 Day Glacier Travel & Crevasse Rescue Clinic! What a mega addition to the weekend this is!
Check out more details on the blog:
Conditions / Re: Mount Washington: Huntington, Tuckerman, Kings Ravine, etc.
« Last post by grubbers on December 04, 2016, 11:49:15 PM »

That water is going to be HEAVY in four years.
Welcome to the trump era!! build it and they will come with there $$$ and there entitled lifestyles!

Mentioning Trump is disingenuous at best.
No, I don't think this'll go through.  It's an asinine proposition.  The Cog has a use permit for a railway, not a resort.  And a 35-guest-room-restaurant-resort will be huge: can't see it happening in under 7,000 square feet.  All kinds of variances will need to be granted to construct such a structure.  Fish and Game and TWMNF will both oppose construction.  The AMC will remain silent and I suspect the Society for the Protection of NH Forests will too.

So far, we've managed to create a serious hiccup in the AMC's plans for the Sparkling Cascade Hut (been told recently there'll be an update by year's end) and the AMC's pockets and influences are far deeper than the Cogs.  Remember, the AMC wanted to build on Sphinx Col on the 60's and was shut down.

It is absolutely imperative that the Coos County planning board members feel how strong opposition is to this project.  If you're among those who'd prefer the Cog not build, sign the petitions that are circulating.  And GO TO THE MEETING THIS THURSDAY.  Be vocal. 
Welcome to the trump era!! build it and they will come with there $$$ and there entitled lifestyles! 
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