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Gear Exchange / Sweet AT Ski Setup
« Last post by Echo on Yesterday at 03:32:01 PM »
I know this is a climber forum but some of us ski right?

2011 Dynafit Manaslu Skis (169cm) w/ Dynafit TLT Vertical FT Bindings - $750 (Conway, NH)
General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by DGoguen on Yesterday at 03:24:45 PM »
And the end run is complete.
From the OP calling out disgusting behavior to Trad vs Sport
Look at the numbers Jacques, over 1400 people interested in Safety
General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by lucky luke on Yesterday at 03:15:14 PM »
Paranoia ???? How many holds have broken on you ?

A lot. One day I was climbing a flake. probably a first ascent, 5.9 5.10 who care, and at the top, the flake was so thin that I was able to broke it in my hand. I protect lower and did the move to the right...and a large block, three by two, came loose and felt. My partner was not in the we are supposed in trad ethic, and we were safe. In an other place, some block came loose and I drop it close to my belayer. He was afraid and jump directly in the middle of the falling path...pulling on the lead rope...the stretch of the rope save me. In the yos, there was a kind of needle of rock. I place my foot on it even if it was moving and make the move. In duet, I want to a traverse and I saw a small loose block. I removed it and place it on the side...try to do the move and replace the piece of rock and used it as a hold. There is many other when you climb in remote area.

I think that I learned how to place my body to not be hurt when I was doing aid climbing. When you aid, you have time to see the danger, decide how you want to fall and if your protection, under you, is going to hold.

One day I asked to a sport climber if he ever did aid climbing: he said Yes, I climbed in a gym!!!they help me a lot
General Climbing / Deep Throat took my tool. (Lost :-()
« Last post by JayBriscoe on Yesterday at 02:57:49 PM »
Hey Guys & Honey Badgers...
My Buddy dropped a tool into the base of the ice in Lincoln's Throat on Sat 11/22/14 when I found about it was to late to retrieve without being a epic...  Case of your favorite sud's are up for a reward. Black Diamond - Viper. It has two red dashs of paint on the handle..  Do this great guy who always is helping out the community a favor.. Thanks..  Jay Briscoe

Here: is his post:

Ice Ax Lost on Lincolns Throat
I lost my ice climbing ax on the Lincolns Throat trail on Saturday November 22, 2014. I dropped it while climbing the first steep pitch but could not lower myself to retrieve it. If anyone finds it please contact me at 603-986-0473. It’s worth a case of beer as a reward if you are interested in that. Thanks…Jeffrey Shutak, North Conway, NH.
Conditions / Reset Button
« Last post by Echo on Yesterday at 02:42:07 PM »
Drove through Crawford Notch this morning to get a few runs in at Bretton Woods. Rained last night, and was 44 degrees in the Notch. Pretty much pressing the reset button, especially with the rain & warm temps coming tonight & tomorrow:

Time to go get fat on Turkey, drink a bunch of good beer, spend time with family, etc. It won't be back until the weekend after Thanksgiving IMO.
General Climbing / Re: Benedictus/Mastepiece
« Last post by strandman on Yesterday at 02:40:59 PM »
Still my new local area, Penitente.I have done maybe 10 established climbs and 12 or so newones  wait until spring
General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by strandman on Yesterday at 02:38:57 PM »
Paranoia ???? How many holds have broken on you ?
Beginners Area / Re: Your first trad lead
« Last post by tradchick on Yesterday at 02:35:32 PM »
I don't know the high step move but will try it this spring.  So true too about doing a route the same way until you see someone else do it differently.  Also interesting how different ways work for different people.
Events & Announcements / Re: black friday deals
« Last post by Echo on Yesterday at 02:29:36 PM »
Check this post a bit after 5pm, I will update with the inside scoop
Partner Exchange / Re: Grafton Saturday?
« Last post by perswig on Yesterday at 01:46:54 PM »
Ah, that's a negative, danf. 
Somehow (tell me folks have had this happen to them, too, please!), one little run to Lowe's in the wee hours of the AM led to pulling the rest of the ceiling out of the bathroom, re-strapping the stringers, rewiring a couple/three boxes for new lights, and getting MR sheetrock up for 3/4 of the room. 

I may have blacked out, or had a psychotic break, I dunno.
I'm now running a load of laundry in the washer upstairs to make sure I didn't hole the lowpoint of the outflow PVC with a drywall screw.  Ha!

On the plus side, it looks pretty good by my very low standards, it's been in the works for several YEARS now (I tend to stage home improvements in epochs), and I got the dogs out for a much-needed-by-all-of-us hike yesterday and none of us got shot by deerslayers.

Cool wreckage you generated!  Did you play with lift bags as well (what's the deal with them - canvas?, how hard to burn/puncture are they?)? 
Anyway, even though it's a haul up to Grafton for most NH folks, let me know if you'd like the tour this winter.


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