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Gear Exchange / FS: -25 Western Mtneering Sl Bag
« Last post by wildclimbr on November 24, 2014, 02:42:38 PM »
Western Mountaineering Bighorn Down Sleeping Bag FS. This Bighorn has Gore Windstopper shell, and originally rated at -30 F. Very similar to the current Puma model rated at -25 which retails at $940. Regular size (to 6'), left zip. Includes built in draft collar at neck. Also stuff sack and cotton storage bag.  Made in USA, this is a superior quality high loft down sleeping bag in excellent condition. Please make offer directly to me, Don,  Picture available, (would not attach to this listing). Located in N Central CT.
I also have other gear for sale: Bear resistant food barrels, a couple of backpacks, misc rock gear, and a Wilderness Systems fiberglass sea kayak fully outfitted.
General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by sneoh on November 24, 2014, 02:21:01 PM »
Thanks, Ed.  You are of course right.
I thik I am about to lose my mind! And my lunch!!
General Climbing / Re: PSA
« Last post by ed_esmond on November 24, 2014, 12:50:56 PM »
Important Public Service Announcement!

Attention: Soon, et al.

Just to let you all know:

You're beyond the "hook, line, and sinker" stage.

He's got you "gut hooked and flopping in the bottom the boat."

General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by sneoh on November 24, 2014, 12:24:48 PM »
OK, we better take it down a notch here.  This Forum is not about who has bigger "balls" and longer "manhood".
Why?  Because, dear Luke, you and I were never and shall never be as bold or as accomplished as many of the people who participate in this Forum, both actively or just reading (and laughing).

LL, I think the fundamental point of contention is your insistence to pigeon-hole every climber as a "sport" climber, "trad" climber, or "boulderer"? 
Well, if you meet enough people (who have progressed beyond beginner level) and visited enough places, you will come to realize a significant portion of the climbing community can do all three all competently and safely while not being a true specialist in any of them.  I am willing to bet there are over a hundred climbers in NE and NY combined who can regularly and safely onsight trad .10+, sport .11+, and V5.  Nationwide, I think there are hundreds upon hundreds who can regularly and safely onsight trad .11+, sport .12+, and V7.    How would you classify these people?  Are you scared of them? :)

About safety, there are lots of stuff to consider even before one puts one's hand on the first handhold.  And you do not talk about these at all!
Like consider wearing a helmet while climbing and belaying.  Think twice about being directly below a party above.  Avoid areas known to have newly loose rocks in the Spring or after heavy rain.  Have a small circle of reliable and safe partners.  Oh, while we are on this, I happen to think tackling The Nose with someone you have never really climbed with from Camp 4 is one of the silliest, if not extremely unsafe, things to do in climbing!!

General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by pappy on November 24, 2014, 11:38:19 AM »
Luke, if you're actually, consciously, thinking about all that shit, then you are thinking way too effing much.

As I sit here laughing about this whole thread, an unpleasant thought occurred to me. As you've probably noticed, we now digitize and statistically analyze pretty much every major sport. Especially with the proliferation of the 'Here's Stupid', I mean 'GoPro', devices, it is inevitable that this will come to climbing. In a few years we can be subjected to 300 page monographs by Luke and his ilk analyzing in excruciating detail every move of a climb, ratings given to particularly aspects: Us old farts for instance might get 'plus' ratings for being able to finagle more good pieces in per pitch than a statistically average climber, 'minus' ratings for pure anchor construction and equalization because at some level we understand it's all way over engineered and just not typically that meaningful, 'plus' (or minus, as one looks at it) for on the lead whining. And so on. It should be enough to drive me back to the wild anarchy of tournament chess (well, that and arthritis).

To plant my oar in early in this new trend, I'm going to suggest an overall rating rating for safety, kind of like WAR for baseball, and especially applicable to alpinists and ice climbers: the SBF, i.e. the Significant Brain Fart (survived). The meaning should be obvious, but is really an event where you have done something so reckless, careless, or downright stupid that you should not have survived but somehow walked away, or were at least carried, though you get dinged points for that. I riffled through memory lane figuring I might find maybe as many as a half dozen but it seems now more like 8 or 10, which is really cringe worthy. I figure an SBF of 9 rates me out at a Level III LMF (Lucky M----r F----r).
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: The Beer Thread
« Last post by markvnh on November 24, 2014, 10:25:57 AM »
...I've got help John and you're welcome to join if you make it to NH - at any time!! What's on the menu in CO?
General Climbing / Re: WTF!?
« Last post by DaveR on November 24, 2014, 10:25:43 AM »
If you know so much about trad climbing..then why is the Nose such a problem ???? partners ?..that gets to be an old excuse

It's hard to get partners John when you are such an asshole!

Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: The Beer Thread
« Last post by strandman on November 24, 2014, 09:59:38 AM »
Shit man..your gonna need some help !!!
Climbing NOT (Bitch & moan) / Re: The Beer Thread
« Last post by markvnh on November 24, 2014, 09:54:45 AM »
Thankfully John you started this thread back up! So for Turkey Day:

- growler of Schilling Beer Belgian IPA
- growler of From The Barrel Elle DIPA
- rack of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
- rack of Breckenridge vanilla Porter
- couple of bombers of Stoneface IPA
- and a couple Heady Toppers left!

Events & Announcements / Re: black friday deals
« Last post by NEAlpineStart on November 24, 2014, 09:49:23 AM »
Here's the inside scoop on some upcoming "PowerDeals" on that would be of most interest to NEClimbs readers;

Fri the 28th, 6am-Noon, 25% off Black Diamond Climbing Gear
Fri the 28th, Noon-6pm, 25% off Petzl Climbing Gear
Sat the 29th, 6am-Noon, 25% off LaSportiva Climbing Boots & Shoes

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