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 on: July 28, 2014, 06:36:36 PM 
Started by SA - Last post by strandman
frik..we speak your name..

I don't recall ever throwing empties down the cliff ?

Oh to be so pure as LL

 on: July 28, 2014, 06:32:51 PM 
Started by danf - Last post by strandman
So if I meet Chouinard, i can say  " i buy your pants"?

First time I ever met Bachar, i bought weed from him.

 on: July 28, 2014, 06:16:10 PM 
Started by markvnh - Last post by Admin Al
Link to story? I had no luck searching for one...

 on: July 28, 2014, 06:15:13 PM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by Admin Al
Hope we didn't make too much noise ;)

12 of us did thin air that night around 11am. We took less that 2 hours for all parties mostly doing it as 2 long pitches. Not bad for a nighttime beer fueled outing.

We got a few good long exposure photos hopefully someone can post them up soon.

it was very cool to see Matt, and needless to say very unexpected. As someone posted, I thought I was experiencing a cognac-fueled delusion... tho the "On Belay: at about 11:30 did kind of echo through the neighborhood. ;-) who had the red light at the top of the cliff?

If you don't mind I'd like to try to use one as a NEC home page pic. can you send me the originals to al AT NEClimbs DOT com... of course I will give credit as due...

 on: July 28, 2014, 06:13:59 PM 
Started by strandman - Last post by strandman
Well i know i ain't drinking it..progress from Bud i think

Some great divide "summer yeti" today   Ho Man !

 on: July 28, 2014, 06:10:38 PM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by Admin Al
There are some moments that you just do not want to ever end.


 on: July 28, 2014, 06:01:15 PM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by kenreville
I've done some night climbing- both solo and roped with/without lights. Ya know- 5.5/ 5.6 stuff.

I cannot imagine for the life of me how it's possible to climb 5.11 with no light- even with a moon.

Not sayin you didn't. Just sayin it's a stretch in my mind.

 on: July 28, 2014, 05:53:29 PM 
Started by danf - Last post by slacker
While in Squamish, my wife and I were racking up for a 5 star 5.9 hand crack.  There was one party in front of us.  The man leading the route was super solid and only placed 4 pieces of gear ( way casual ). When he got down to the ground I commented on how well he sent it, and he replied " I should be pretty good at it by now I had the first ascent 30 years ago"  The route was called Penny Lane. One of the coolest things about climbing is how you are able to connect with the people you have read about!!  Not a lot of other sports offer this opportunity.

 on: July 28, 2014, 05:36:47 PM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by bag11s
Climbing at night is fun and I have done some modest number of pitches by headlamp. But it is especially moving to climb in a remote area far from human generated night-time light sources. I once climbed some compelling routes at Queen Creek Canyon AZ just by moonlight alone on a balmy summer night- these were fairly hard at 5.11. I had met this highly motivated climber who had travelled straight there from New Orleans and he said I had to stay and keep going, that the best was yet to come. We climbed late into the night without any artificial light at all on surreal 80 foot volcanic tuft gumdrops. This was just a little thing and a long time ago, but i still love the memory of it. The bright light of the moon somehow did not eclipse arch of the Milky Way, it free flowing ribbon pasted across the gigantic bowl of the indigo night sky. There are some moments that you just do not want to ever end.

 on: July 28, 2014, 02:50:17 PM 
Started by Admin Al - Last post by Echo
Those pics are awesome, sounds like a blast. The stars have barely moved in those long exposure shots so it was indeed a quick night ascent.

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