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Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: Cha-cha-changes...
« Last post by Coreshot on March 04, 2017, 01:22:23 PM »
Really?  Like what?
Injuries, Medical & Training / Re: spinal fusion for back and leg pain
« Last post by Admin Al on March 04, 2017, 12:46:29 PM »
I have to say that core strength trailing is CRITICAL to solving back problems. simply getting a fusion or cortisone shots or whatever will NOT resolve the problem. you need to strengthen your core muscles to enable you to support yourself properly. without that you will end up back in the same place as you are now sooner or later. finding a good PT person and embracing the body work is really really important.
Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: Cha-cha-changes...
« Last post by Admin Al on March 04, 2017, 12:40:25 PM »
Holy Moly folks!!! Things are reforming like crazy. Hold on to your hats, and ice tools!!!!!!!
Injuries, Medical & Training / Re: spinal fusion for back and leg pain
« Last post by dp on March 03, 2017, 05:34:32 PM »
SO, I have really appreciated the replies from everyone, I have been to MGH, BID in Boston, had more than a few discussions with my primary care doc who is a great and knowledgeable doctor, investigated information myself, and you can NOT believe how some docs will diss other hospitals or other docs to get the sale, and the worst doc/was the one who immediately wanted to fuse 4 of my disc's. My primary doc and a psychiatrist that I have seen have both told me that the body, including the discs will heal themselves if they are not too far gone, the cortisone shots help to shrink the disc's to allow ME to strengthen my back muscles through exercise and pt which is the path that I am on. I  have been doing heavy construction work since I was 17, now 64, and have paid the price for doing so but that was how I made my living. I got out climbing once this winter with Pat, a really good friend and did std. route, I would have liked to climb more, and wanted to but held off, I've been walking the trails at the local state park around the ponds and doing my exercises and GOD willing I'll be ice climbing next season, Thank you for all the advice you have given me, Don     
Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: Cha-cha-changes...
« Last post by Jeremy Cote on March 03, 2017, 03:19:17 PM »
What about Willey's Slide?

I heard that is where all the cool kids are hanging out these days.
Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: Who was guiding willeys slide today
« Last post by Jeremy Cote on March 03, 2017, 03:16:46 PM »
Just a caveat to those who think that it is ok to pass, cut off etc. a party, you may be responsible for any falls or injuries the party below incurs resulting in financial remuneration as dictated by the courts. Further some zealous magistrate may seek criminal charges along the lines of reckless endangerment. Just a fair warning.

Have fun but, be careful out there.

I doubt it.  Climbing is inherently dangerous

Why does that matter?

The real question is do we owe a duty to other climbers not to drop shit on them?

If so, then if we violate that duty either intentionally or unintentionally and someone gets fucked up, well, we are liable under our current tort laws.

Plenty of examples in climbing of people suing the shit out of others for negligence.

"A bolt breaks in Australia resulting in the death of a climber and a lawsuit is pending, a commercially-guided expedition doesn’t summit and the operator is sued for breach of contract, a climber is injured during a fall and sues the climbing gym, a guide is sued after the alpine ice he’s leading dinner plates causing him to fall and pull out the belay anchor resulting in the death of his client, belayers and the manufacturers of the belay devices are sued for not catching a fall, a climber dies during a descent in the Tetons and the National Park Service is sued for a failed search and rescue response."

Injuries, Medical & Training / Re: spinal fusion for back and leg pain
« Last post by RCL1 on March 03, 2017, 01:10:46 PM »
Another data point. I had L5-S1 laminectomy (microdissectomy) in 2003 or thereabouts after repeated herniations. At the time I was unable to press down with my right foot, and had partial numbness, in addition to excruciating pain.
Post-op I immediately got sensation and flexion back, burning pain did not go away, except when lying down or moving. This pain did not resolve after several months.
Subsequently, I had a series of spinal cortisone shots over a series of (months?) which helped reduce the pain long enough to get back to physical activity. Over time the burning pain decreased, though I still suffer from occasional pain, constant twitching of the calf and occasional numbness and muscle failure.
However, I'm now able to do everything I could do before except ride a bicycle seated for long periods of time. I also can't trust my foot enough to climb any more :( So I stick to ski mountaineering mellow stuff.
I focus on core strength now- the final herniation occurred after I had taken a desk job.
For me, the cortisone shots were a key aspect of my recovery. YMMV.

Best of luck!
Injuries, Medical & Training / Re: spinal fusion for back and leg pain
« Last post by ELM on March 02, 2017, 07:30:13 PM »
Cortizone does not heal anything. It reduces inflammation; that's all. In the back where you have bulging disks or pinched nerves it can reduce pressure and then reduce pain. You can heal theoretically better when there is less pressure but that is not a guarantee.  Sounds like you're headed for a world of hurt Homeless. That many disks having a issue is unpleasant. I would point you to good-old-fashioned PT. Have a workout routine set for you by a physical therapist who is familiar with where your disk issues are to strengthen your back. Having the muscle support your spine correctly can go along way to stall disk issues.
Ice & Winter Climbing / Re: Cha-cha-changes...
« Last post by Homeless Junkie on March 02, 2017, 03:04:55 PM »
Wow.. We're in North Conway NH from February 3rd-23rd.

I'm assuming you mean March 3-23!

Sorry bad grammar! I should have wrote "We were in North Conway February 3-23rd" not We're, Doh!

So yea those three weeks were the best! Powder skiing, no crowds, good weather with hero ice at the end. Went from lots of pain keeping the time out climbing short to doing Standard, Penguin and Dracula last day. Lucky, very lucky..
Injuries, Medical & Training / Re: spinal fusion for back and leg pain
« Last post by Homeless Junkie on March 02, 2017, 02:59:59 PM »
 I always thought those injections were bad. They mask pain so you go about your life not realizing the damage you're doing because you don't feel anything. I'm not telling you I know better than a doctor but I passed on that. Did your doctor tell you those shots are just buying time until you really mess up your back and need fusion?

It sounds like I'm not too far behind..

 I broke my neck and back in four places. I crashed bicycles and snowboards lots. I'm in construction and spent my 20s in working on concrete. The result of all the abuse of my body was a microdiscotomeny for a herniated disc four years ago. I thought I injured my tail bone in October. When the pain didn't stop I got X Rays. The doc told me 6 discs are loosing liquidity and my vertebrae are rubbing together. The pain isn't bad some days but others it's brutal. The worst is the walk back to the car after A day of ice or rock. My doctor advised that if I keep up my extremely active lifestyle that I will need fusion of four discs. I blew off what he said in December as it was the start of ice season. I had (I hate to had on March 2nd) a great ice season but your post worries me.

 Sorry to post questions but do you work through the pain? What exercise do you do? Could we keep in touch? I'll PM you my email.
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