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Currently there are 671 rock routes from 44 areas in our database.
Rock climbing areas:
100 Acre Woods
Albany Slab
Attitash Crag
Band M Ledge
Cathedral Ledge
CMC Craig
Cosmic Crag
Crack In The Woods Cliff
Crag Y
Crawford Notch - various
Dickey Mountain
Elephant Head
Found Ledge
Frankenstein Cliff
Green's Cliff
Hall's ledge
Humphrey's Ledge
Jackson: Eagle Mountain Cliff
Jockey Cap
Lost Horizon
Lost Ledge
Meadow Brook Slab, Table Mountain, etc.
Mineral Site Ledge
Mount Washington
Mt Huntington
Mt Oscar (SW face)
Mt. Oscar (lower left)
Mt. Willard
North Bald Cap
North Percy Peak
Owl's Cliff: Left Cliff
Owl's Cliff: Oracle Boulders
Rainbow Slabs
Saco Crag
Sandwich Notch
Square Ledge
Steak Sauce Crag
The Bluff
White Ledge (Albany)
White's Ledge (Bartlett)
Whitehorse Ledge
Whitehorse Ledge: Citadel Boulder
Woodchuck Ledge (Eagle Ledge)

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