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Selected Ice Conditions effective November 15, 2018
The ice is really starting to form up now. While I wouldn't call anything IN, there ARE some possibilities and they are only going to get better. Standard Route was done today, as was the Dike. Below are a few pictures from this morning's drive. I didn't comment about every climb. The pictures say it all. Enjoy...
Huntington Ravine possible
Repentance OUT
Standard Route The closest thing to IN, but not really
Dracula OUT
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The 5 Latest Additions:
The Staircase
Circling Scavengers
Vultures' Express
Klettersteig Ridge
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Quotes From the Ledge:
When the slab cut loose, my mind calculated trajectories, analyzed terrain, and fed me its conclusions: no way out, you are going to die. This conclusion seemed to free me to experience the fall. Tumbling, catching air, then the loudest sound I've ever heard - probably the sound of both legs breaking or how to get hit by a Mack truck.
—Carl Tobin
IceCON 1. Climbs just coming in or only in upper elevations like Ravines.
1 out of a possible 5
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