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Selected Ice Conditions effective January 25, 2023
With the Frankenstein Amphitheater still in piss-poor shape and some of the other trade routes mediocre at best, I am struggling to push the IceCON rating above a 2 so far. Everybody is kind of stuck at the North End, a few climbs at Frankenstein, the right side of Willard, Grafton and for those who can handle it - Lake Willoughby. Many of the routes we all count on simply haven't materialized. It's not like you can't climb ice, but it's not our best. Keep your fingers crossed that all this snow and the cold nights will pay off!
Huntington Ravine many options but serious avalanche danger
Repentance OUT
Standard Route OK but a bit scrappy & snow covered
Dracula possible be careful of top out
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