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Selected Ice Conditions effective December 10, 2016
Shoestring was climbed by multiple parties today! Not that there was a ton of ice on it! The Tablets at Lake Willoughby were climbed today by Alden Pellett and a partner! Ice is busting out all over the place, anywhere there is water flowing!!! Stay tuned folks. Everything is in the process of rapid change right now. It didn't get above 25 degrees all day Friday and 22 on Saturday here in the Valley. It is surely colder up in the Notch. I would bet that at this rate by Sunday things will have radically changed, for the better!
Huntington Ravine building rapidly
Repentance OUT
Standard Route OUT, but it's building
Dracula OUT
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IceCON 1. Climbs just coming in or only in upper elevations like Ravines.
1 out of a possible 5
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