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November 23, 2023

Hi Folks,

This went out early because the weather looks like crap from Tuesday afternoon/evening right through Wednesday, and of course Thursday is turkey-day. I have people coming here for dinner and honestly don't think I will be able to get out that morning as I have done in the past.[wry grin] I truly hope all of you have a great time with your friends and family, and if you are traveling please have a safe one.

As I often do, when I went up to the Notch I ran up to the top of the Arethusa Falls drive to see if Bill King was at home. I've known Bill for almost 30 years and always have made a point to stop and chat whenever I see him in his yard or on his deck. For many years I would wave to him as I would walk down the tracks to solo something on Thursday mornings when I took pictures and we would chat when I came back by. Many climbers have gotten to know him through the fact that the rescue litter is stored right under his deck!

During the Covid winters we would sit outside on his deck and chat. During that time his wife was in a local nursing home, so like me he was alone. I didn't see him over the summer, other than once at the grocery store in North Conway. His wife passed last summer and his daughter moved to the area for a new job. Apparently he is selling the house and moving in with her in Conway. He thinks there is some possibility that the State might be acquiring the house, which would be interesting. Considering that he is 89 years old, I'm not at all surprised that he will be letting the house go. At 76 now I'm in a similar position, and know full well how much effort it is to take care of a place on your own. I hope to see him around town here & there. he will be missed...

I also noticed that both the Texaco and Elephant Head parking lots were paved late this fall. Considering the shape of both, this is surely a good thing. It will also make it easier to plow in the winter.
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Time to get out the fat bike & studded tires folks. I'm seeing icy patches in lots of places. Stay safe...

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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