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June 20, 2024

Hi Folks,

If you live out in Glacier National Park Montana, that's cool! [LOL] Mainly 'cause they just got over a foot of snow! [NO kidding] But that is hardly the case in most of the rest of the country. I'm sure wherever most of you live these days, but up here it's freaking HOT. And I am really NOT kidding... Yesterday here in NoCo it was 100 and very humid and today it's close to the same.

Of course this old fool decided to do a little raking early in the morning and then head over to Cranmore to try and grab a couple of downhill runs when the open at 10 before the "heat of the day"! Sounds good, right? Raking went well and it wasn't all that hot at 8am. I was mostly in the shade in front of the house, drank some iced Gatorade and took it easy. Then I hung in the house for an hour, loaded the bike in the car and headed to the bike park. Being sure to slather on sun screen and pack a full bottle of Gatorade with lots of ice. The first run was fine and there was a little bit of a breeze for the ride up in the chair. The second run was really good, but the ride up was hotter and of course I was drinking all the time. The ride up for my 3rd run was BRUTAL with no breeze and in full on sun! Sure drinking helped, but not enough. I decided that was my last run and really took it easy on the way down.

I stopped to chat with someone when I got down, but started feeling wiggy and headed back to my car where I spent 15 minutes sitting in the back in the shade, drinking now-lukewarm Gatorade and recovering. [YIKES] I got the bike back in the car and then drove around for 15 minutes in the AC cooling down. When I got home I sat in front of the fan for a while and took a cold shower, reflecting on how this was probably NOT a good idea. The weather and news folks have been repeatedly warning about how easy it is to get in over your head in weather like this, especially if you're older - like me I guess. I keep hydrated and am generally careful, but I obviously underestimated what even moderate exercise in 100 degree temps can be like. And of course the air quality being generally crappy doesn't help, does it?

Everybody has a different tolerance for heat, but this weather is different. So I am just passing my experience along... As an aside, here's a few pictures from today. 88 degrees in Crawford Notch at 11 and 96 degrees in the Valley at noon!

Not a lot of water in the rivers and it's very hazy.
Part 2 of the excellent interview with Joe Lentini about a new short film 109 Below and discussion of the local Mountain Rescue Service has been posted on line. This is well worth the time to watch.

U.S. Forest Service - White Mountain National Forest: Please be aware that Cold River Campground is closed to all use until July 31 for public safety and to protect nesting wildlife. Located near Fryeburg, Maine, Basin, and Hastings Campgrounds are alternative options for camping in the Evans Notch area at this time.

Stewardship Project and Cliff Cleanup season, and we’d love to have your help out there! Saturday, June 22nd. Meet at the Cathedral Ledge picnic tables at 3:00pm. We’ll work from 3 - 6, and then we’ll move on to grilling and hanging out! We will be replacing some broken wood steps on the trail to Recompense, and removing some graffiti at the top of the cliff. We’ll also have trash bags and gloves available for picking up trash and getting it looking nice over there! Wear sturdy shoes, and bring work gloves, snacks, and plenty of water. If you can’t make it, or aren’t interested in doing trail work, please stop by at 6 for the BBQ, this is a community event for everyone!

The black flys are BRUTAL!!!!

WEATHER PERMITTING I'm with the Jim McLaughlin Group at Rosa Flamingos in Bethlehem on Thursday, then with my trio at the majestic Cafe in Conway Village on Friday and on Saturday at Ledge Brewing in Intervale. Almost all of our band gigs this summer are early and outside. The bands and music is great. I hope to see some of you...

The Forest Service will temporarily close a small portion of Electric Loop on the West side to protect nesting wildlife until July 31. Signs will be up, and it's very important that we adhere to this trial closure. Please share, and as always, we appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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