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June 1, 2023

Hi Folks,

The Valley has been smokey for the past couple of days from the Forest Service burn going on up near the Moats, not to mention from the Canadian fires out west and now even in Nova Scotia! Couple that with close to 90 degree temps and it's a bit unpleasant. With everything as dry as it's been, it's also a bit nerve-racking for those of us over here on the West Side of the Valley. For now it seems to be under control. Fingers X-ed!!!

I've had some nagging back/neck stuff going on, and coupled with so many music gigs I haven't been climbing other than a little bouldering. I'm hoping that changes in the next week or so 'cause I am Jonesin' to be on rock again. Fortunately back doesn't bother be when I'm riding or I would be a VERY grumpy Al! Stay tuned...

Over the Memorial Day weekend there were lots of folks out hiking and climbing and enjoying the great weather. Unfortunately there were 2 significant climbing accidents requiring rescues and a hiking incident. The hiker was assisted down the Middle Mountain Trail and did not require a carry-out. One climbing accident occurred while leading P2 of Retaliation in the Barber Wall area. It's not clear which climb they were on. Report indicated that several pieces of gear failed and they fell nearly 50'! They were evacuated by MRS, Bartlett Fire & Rescue, North Conway Fire and Bartlett Police and taken to Memorial Hospital. The second climbing incident was at Sundown Ledge in Albany, off the Kanc. It's not clear what exactly happened, but the leader fell 20+' and sustained significant lower extremity injuries, requiring extraction by Fish & Game and other groups. He was also evacuated to Memorial Hospital.

Stay safe out there peeps...

Tonight, Thursday June 1st, I will be at the Leura Hill Eastman PAC at Fryeburg Academy with the Mike Levine Miami Spice band. It's a very exciting Latin Jazz sextet that plays original music and a few arrangements plus features Latin Grammy winner Richie Bravo on percussion. I've known and played with Mike since the mid-70's and he is an amazing composer and pianist. Don't miss this show. The same band will be at BLUE in Portland on Saturday June 4th at 9pm.

NOTE I will be playing every Wednesday through the summer from 5:30-7:30 with a fun trio at the Saco River Brewing Company in Fryeburg. We will be jamming on a wide variety of tunes and it's a real gas. Not to mention that the beer is GREAT! Climb at Jockey Cap and come by for tunes and refreshments. PS there has been a fantastic food truck there as well.
YIKES - the damnable b/f are out AND they ARE BITING!!! I've been on the bike and in the garden this week, and without bug dope you are going to be unhappy. Couple that with vicious mosquitoes and you don't want to stop moving! You have been warned...

Right now the riding has been great. The East Side, West Side and Hurricane Zones are all happening. The only place that's not are the trails behind Cedar Creek and up by the Moats because F/S has been doing a prescribed burn up there and it's off limits. By the weekend things should be OK, tho I believe that you would be well served to give trails like Ultimate Single Track and Tent Boulder a week. If you haven't checked out the new paved Rec Trail on the East Side I recommend it. You can start at Hemlock, ride all the way to where it connects to Sticks & Stones and come back through the woods. Or head up the Peaked Trail to connect to Sidehill and come across that way past the quarry. This is a great addition to the Valley and is already being used by lots of folks.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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NEClimbs on Facebook
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