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August 24, 2006

Hi Folks,

The column I wrote last week regarding gear recalls has gotten a few responses - mostly positive. While I was researching the subject I was interested to find that there seem to be a lot of references to accidents with cams that actually DON'T have anything to do with the cam actually failing. That is, people seem to be crying gear failure when in most cases the accidents are due to pilot error. Check out the fairly recent postings on the Supertopo forum about Aliens popping out of cracks. Why am I not surprised?

Rick Wilcox from IME mused that he knows of no fatal injuries occurring from recalled climbing gear. Yes, that's anecdotal, so if anyone has hard numbers please let me know. That said, Rick also made another interesting point. While recalls for cams, slings, draws & the like are important, we need to realize that they are for products where there is a likelihood of some level of redundancy. Let's face it, if you fall on a cam or any piece of protection there is at least the "possibility" (hopefully) that you have placed another piece of gear that "could" catch you. Recalls on harnesses & ropes are probably much more serious, due to the fact that they have no possible redundancy. If have a problem with a buckle on your harness you're toast. If your rope runs over a sharp edge and cuts, you're toast. Unless of course you use double ropes...which by the way, I do. BTW, when was the last time you saw a recall on a rope? Interesting...

If you don't tie in properly, you are toast. Oops, that's back to the people thing. Just a little something to think about we you are gearing up at the base of that climb.

John Bachar Severely Injured In Auto Accident:
John Bachar, girlfriend Anastasia, and Acopa International climbing shoe company president Steve Karafa were involved in a single vehicle automobile accident after leaving the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show in Salt Lake City on Monday the 14th. Karafa was killed in the incident and Bachar sustained significant injuries.

newspaper article

Bachar has been known for his obsession with nutrition and training since the 70's. He put up many very difficult and committing trad climbs including Bachar-Yerian (5.11c) in Tuolumne Meadows with Dave Yerian, but is perhaps best known his free soloing exploits including The Gift (5.12c) at Red Rocks and Enterprise (5.12b) in the Owens River Gorge. Most recently John has been Director of Design of Acopa.

We join the entire climbing community in our sadness in Steve's untimely death and hope that John recovers completely. There are numerous threads on and with information, speculation, requests for donations and more.
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NOTE: while nothing in the rules prohibits submitting more than one picture each month, the judges will not appreciate receiving massive numbers of images. Word to the wise...

What? Yet Another New Route at the North End:
It's hard to believe that there can be anything left undone or undiscovered at this most popular of climbing areas, but here it is. Senior guide and prolific new route ascensionist George Hurley has added yet another route to the North End of Cathedral Ledge named "Raising The Roof".

Raising The Roof (5.9 or 5.(+) 12
North End of Cathedral Ledge above The Roof 1

Climb The Roof and continue climbing for about 25' up a moderate corner to a ledge and a 2-ring bolted anchor. Now climb straight up a series of corners and arching grooves, past a horizontal crack to another 2 bolt anchor below a steep slab. Climb the final unprotected slab (crux) for 25-30 feet to the trees at the top of the cliff.

George Hurley and Chris Noonan, August 2006

Bring a normal Cathedral rack. Rap from trees at the top down to the anchor on They Died Laughing, or walk off via the climber's trail. NOTE - be careful of the Poison Ivy above the top of They Died Laughing.

As of this date there has not been a second ascent of the route. If you do the climb please let me know what you think of the grading and quality so I can pass the info back to George. If you take a picture it would be great to get a copy so I can add it to the route description on NEClimbs.

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Check it out and if you have issues on your specific phone, please feel free to let me know.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

I wouldn't last 30 minutes climbing solo.
Bradford Washburn
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