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June 7, 2007

Hi Folks,

Some weeks there really just isn't all that much to write about and I guess that this is one of them. Can you believe it, a time when I have little to say? It's been a mostly quiet week & I've had to work way too much. Oh well... As I am fond of saying, I only ACT like I'm retired!

The only real news was the major thunderstorm that blew through early Tuesday afternoon. We got almost 1.5 inches of rain in only about 90 minutes! On top of that we had 30-40 MPH gusts that blew down tree branches all over the place. It even hailed. I haven't seen it hail more than a couple of times in 10 years of living here in the Valley, but this time it really came down. Marble sized chunks of ice, falling out of the sky and melting almost instantly in the accompanying rain.

The lightning and thunder made for a spectacular snow. Luckily the power didn't go out. I know a few people who were actually out climbing when the storm started coming through. Hard to believe since it was announced in advance on TV, radio and even in the paper. All I can say is that I was glad I wasn't out there on the Whitehorse Slabs or the like.

There was one lightning bolt that came down just as the rain started that must have landed in the woods right between us & the cliff. The concussion was amazing and the dog was terrified. Reminded me of the storms that used to come across the St. Johns River every afternoon in the summers when I was growing up in Jacksonville, Florida. Pretty amazing displays of the power of nature.

Climber Determined To Top The Matterhorn On His Prosthetic Legs:
Here is an interesting article about double amputee Jerod Minich. He's New Jersey's version of Hugh Herr. Jerod does routinely travel to North Conway to go climbing. Jerod is planning on accompanying a friend on his 50th birthday quest to climb the Matterhorn. Recently Jerod was featured in a human interest story in the Morris County, NJ Daily Record newspaper. Here is the link to the online article:
15th Annual Women's Rock Weekend:
IMCS and EMS are working together to provide a great weekend for ladies and New England climbers!

JUNE 23rd &24th - NORTH CONWAY, NH

This weekend is designed for women of ALL abilities at a great price. Climb for you first time, learn rock rescue, refine your crack skills, or get on the sharp end!

* Free goodies to our ladies from our sponsors!
* DJ, FREE BEER, and slideshow ($5) for EVERYONE! We want to bring New England climbers together for a really fun night! Yes, FREE BEER for EVERYONE! @ IME 4-7!

Slideshow: Caroline George- on first ascents ice climbing in iceland and first ascents crack climbing in Ethiopia!
Sat. night @ 7:30 next to Flatbread Pizzeria.

* Silent auction filled with goods to help a local women's shelter! * EMS Pancake Breakfast on Sunday! $5 or free to participants! @ Flatbread!

So, everyone come up and ladies sign up to kick-start your climbing summer! It's THE weekend to be up here!

IMCS: 603.356.7064
EMS: 800.310.4504

Conrad Anker & Partner Plan to Recreate Mallory's Everest Attempt:
Anker and partner Leo Houlding plan to retrace George Mallory's route up the mountain's Chinese face, said Ang Tshering Sherpa, president of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. Anker was the leader of a team who found Mallory's body in 1999, 620 meters (2,030 feet) below the summit. Irvine's body has never been found. Anker's plan is to do the climb in replicas of Mallory's and Irvine's original clothes. They also plan to remove the ladders and ropes permanently affixed on the Hillary Step. According to local trekking agency Mountain Experience, Anker's team expects to begin next week. A record number of climbers have been on Everest this year. 514 have reached the summit this season alone.

Bug Report:
The bit of extreme weather and cooler temps this week seems to have blown out the bugs, at least for the minute. Temps are warming right back up again & I would expect them to be back out in force by the weekend. Don't put that bug dope away yet.

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Check it out and if you have issues on your specific phone, please feel free to let me know.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

You could make a guide from the stuff he has done over the years and not reported!(regarding Michael Hartrich)
Dave ?
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