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January 31, 2008

Hi Folks,

Well you can tell that it's the middle of another ice season by the fact that it's time for the annual Mount Washington Ice Festival (Feb 7-10). Hard to believe, but this is the 15th year that International Mountain Equipment and the International Mountain Climbing School has put on Ice Fest. As usual, Ice Fest is a fun filled weekend of climbing, clinics, gear demos, slideshows and parties. If you are a regular attendee or first-timer, you owe it to yourself to make Ice Fest a part of this winter's activities.

I've been going to Ice Fest since 1996, before my wife and I even moved up here. While I didn't take any of the clinics at first, over time I have participated in a number of them. My favorite was a year when Alex Lowe, Barry Blanchard and Mark Wilford were all here. I took a clinic from Mark that was being given at the Flume. For whatever reason all 3 of them ended up at the Flume that Saturday. All the students were wandering around between sessions, watching what was going on. Mark put up a rope on a very thin face and we worked on thin ice technique for two solid hours. His comments about "tap-tap" not "thunk-thunk" have stuck with me to this day. Watching Barry muscle through an overhanging mixed section was very instructive. But the pinnacle of the day was watching Alex climb a verglass face with no gear in a phenomenal display of control and focus.

Clinics like this can be hugely valuable on so many levels. Not only can you get to see masters like these up close, you also get to have direct interaction with them. They watch you climb, evaluate your technique and make specific recommendations to you that often can have a major impact on your climbing. In my clinic with Wilford, his demonstration of climbing straight armed and using the monkey hang has stuck with me to this day and I've used that technique or some modification of it on every hard climb I've done since.

Watching Steve House climbing Dracula at Ice Fest 2004 was just as revelatory, in a different way. He managed to find stances and take no-hands rests in places you couldn't imagine. Seeing him in perfect balance with his hands behind his back in an almost meditative state was amazing. I knew it was possible to relax your way up a climb, but watching him I got a glimmer of understanding of how he could do some of the amazing feats he has accomplished.

If you haven't taken a clinic from someone who is a master, you really owe it to yourself and your climbing to do so. The same goes for clinics on self-rescue, snow and ice anchors, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, etc. This year the featured guides include Max Turgeon, Josh Wharton, and Will Mayo. Each has something unique to share with you, whether in a clinic, slideshow or over a beer at the end of the day. Climbing is much like playing music, you are always learning and absorbing new ideas and information. The Ice Festival is a perfect place and time to do this. You will get a lot of information and inspiration, and you've got another 6 weeks of ice left in the season to practice what you learn. And of course there are free demo gear, inspiring slideshows and an all around great time hanging out with lots of other climbers. For more information check here:
Mount Washington Ice Festival
I hope to see you there...
Ice Conditions Report:
Selected Ice Conditions effective February 16, 2018
As of 2/15, there was still plenty of ice standing. That said it was a very balmy 44 today, won't be cold tonight and looks to be warm again tomorrow (Friday). A cooler weekend will prevail, but next week looks to be even warmer! If you are climbing this weekend, just be aware that the ice may be hero, but it may also be crap!
Huntington Ravine many options, check AVY danger  
Repentance it was IN, but I'm not sure how long it will remain! Click to see route picture.
Standard Route IN Click to see route picture.
Dracula IN great Click to see route picture.
For the full current conditions report, CLICK HERE

Here are some additional pics from Thursday's exploration. The normal ones are in this week's full IceReport, on line Friday. Come on up and climb...

Super Goofer
The Unicorn
Hobbit on Tuesday
Pegasus on Tuesday
The Pilgrimage

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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