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May 29, 2008

Hi Folks,

In case you haven't heard there has been a forest fire over at Rumney. It was on the news Wednesday evening and again this morning. The fire was located above the Main Cliff and on the left side of Orange Crush. Fire officials have said the fire was started by someone on Wednesday and they don't know if it was accidental! "It's still burning deep into the ground because a lot of the rock top has a lot of debris and dust in it, so it's making the mop-up a little bit of concern," said forest ranger Bryan Nowell. According to reports as of the middle of the day today (Thursday) the area is officially closed.

Here are some links to stories and pictures -

WMUR Channel 9

WMUR Channel 9 slideshow

The Union Leader newspaper

Mountain Project web site

In spite of the record snowfall this winter and slow melt, the ground everywhere is very dry and the wind is exacerbating the situation. Although we did have a little rain last Monday afternoon, it had virtually no impact on the amount of water "in the system" and there has been little or no seepage on the cliffs. I was out on the mountain bike on Wednesday afternoon and the trails are dusty with places that are usually pretty muddy this time of year bone dry. When I tilled my garden this morning getting ready for some planting I noticed that the soil was totally dry, as much as 8-10 inches down.

Several years ago there was a forest fire up in the North Moats behind Whitehorse Ledge. It filled the Valley with smoke and was actually quite difficult to put out. For those of us living on the West side of town it was pretty scary. Another one probably a year earlier was up in the Green Hills and was also difficult to put out. And these weren't in a place like Rumney where the cliffs make access even more treacherous!

If you are out in the woods or camping, even in a campground, please be careful with cigarettes and any kind of open flame. Besides being dry the breeze will very quickly fan any open flame and scatter sparks everywhere. Although I want a good climbing weekend as much as anyone, right now I would prefer some rain. MEMBERS ONLY SPECIAL OFFER FROM LOWE ALPINE:
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Whitehorse Route Query:
If anyone has any information about who put up the variation of Sea Of Holes on Whitehorse called "The 5.7 Flake" please let me know. This information is not in either the Webster or Handren guide books. Someone was asking about the historical aspect of this climb & I thought I would inquire among you folks. Thanks...

The blackflies are starting to feast now. Between them and the mosquitoes and ticks, being outside on a calm day without DEET or some kind of bug dope is, shall we say, problematic at best.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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