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IceCON 2. Some trade routes are climbable, even in lower elevations.
2 out of a possible 5
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December 3, 2013

Hi Folks,

While normally we would have had a sliver of lower elevation ice climbing by this time, obviously that ainít happening this year. Yes, on the plus side there has been some early season climbing on the Black Dike and Mt Washington. On the minus, barely a sign of anything resembling ice at Frankenstein, much less Mt Willard or Cathedral Ledge. That said you just gotta make the best of what youíre given. At least thatís what my mom always told me BITD. I figure this is a time to take that to heart.

I donít have a heck of a lot to say about ice climbing, snow and winter mountaineering right now, for obvious reasons. Iíd just suggest that the best thing to do right now is to take advantage of what Mother nature is delivering. Up here this weekend the weather pundits are predicting 3 consecutive sunny daze, with temps well above average. Iíve got my wood stacked, yard raked, gutters taken down and screens put away, the house & yard all buttoned up for the winter. So that frees me up for some late season rock climbing, mountain biking and hiking. Itís not what I plan on for early December, but itís not really a bad thing. Winter will be here soon enough, and it will last long enough, so grab these days and enjoy the while you can. Believe me, youíll appreciate them all the more when you look back from early February!

2015/2016 NECLIMBS FUNDRAISER: I know I havenít been doing a heck of a lot of ice reporting so far this season, but please donít shoot the messenger. At least you arenít going to be in your car this weekend heading up here with the anticipation of climbing ice at Frankenstein! Fortunately for you guys & gals, this is the last time this season that Iíll be asking for your support. If you can afford to make a donation, of any size, believe me that it will be appreciated. Hereís wishing all of you a safe and ice filled season.

So far 42 subscribers have made donations. THANK YOU! FWIW thatís out of over 1,200 subscribers to the weekly White Mountain Report, 1,548 LIKES on FaceBook and a web site that gets over 1,200 unique visits a day. Letís put it this way, Iíd be very happy if 10% of those that sign up for the Report, made a contribution but thatís highly unlikely to happen - for whatever reasons. Still, if you havenít made a donation, please at least consider it. Think about it this wayÖ If you spend any amount of time up here in the Whites in the winter, by reading the Weekly Report a token $20 donation will save you far more than that over the course of the season.

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The White Mountain Report newsletter has been put out consistently since 1998. I have archived almost all of the Reports from as far back as September of 1999 and you can read them online at any time! The current traffic on is well over 1,000 unique visits a day, has over 1.4 million monthly "hitsĒ. This funky little newsletter goes weekly out to over 1,200 subscribers every Thursday. PLEASE REMEMBER, tho itís certainly a labor of love, it's your contribution that makes this newsletter and the NEClimbs web site possible.

THANK YOU for your continued support...

Ice Conditions Report:
Selected Ice Conditions effective December 14, 2017
Well from this week's pics you can tell that it's building, but it sure ain't what I would call good quite yet... There is some stuff to climb on Willard, tho much of it is thin. Standard middle is OK but the right side gully is mostly rock, and I know 'cause I soloed it on Thursday morning! [yikes] There is a LOT of snow out there & it would be a good idea to give places like Shoestring a couple of daze to settle IMO. Unfortunately there isn't anything to climb on Cathedral right now, tho something should be there by mid-next week. If you really want to climb good solid ice right now I suggest Cannon or the Ravines.
Huntington Ravine OK  
Repentance OUT Click to see route picture.
Standard Route middle climbable Click to see route picture.
Dracula possible Click to see route picture.
For the full current conditions report, CLICK HERE

span class="reportSectionHeader">VALLEY CYCLING:
The trails are great right now, and considering how dry things have been Iíll bet that by Friday afternoon there will hardly be any puddles out there. Sure, unless you have a fat tire bike or studded tires, the mountain bike season is surely winding down. Enjoy it while we have it. I rode several of the east side trails early this week and they were great. That said, someone has stolen 2 of the brand new signposts that the local NEMBA chapter had just put up; one on the east end of the Swamp Trail and the other on the same end of Pillar To Pond. This is a really sad thing, and one that has made a lot of folks pretty angry. I have no idea if itís someone with an addenda, or simple vandalism. Regardless of whichever it is, it was a hurtful thing. [big frown]

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Al Hospers
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When the slab cut loose, my mind calculated trajectories, analyzed terrain, and fed me its conclusions: no way out, you are going to die. This conclusion seemed to free me to experience the fall. Tumbling, catching air, then the loudest sound I've ever heard - probably the sound of both legs breaking or how to get hit by a Mack truck.
Carl Tobin
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