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IceCON 1. Climbs just coming in or only in upper elevations like Ravines.
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October 2, 2014

Hi Folks,

While I'd like to say I've been out climbing like a madman all this week, that would be a lie. [wry grin] With the Bike For Books 20 mile MTB ride on Saturday (with Joe & Judy Perez), my band playing for opening day at the Fryeburg Fair on Sunday, having to take the car to Berlin for service on Monday (which turned into a great road bike ride on Dolly Copp Rd), coupled with crappy weather on Tuesday and Wednesday, I haven't gotten out on the rock once this week. Well, other than puttering up the Ledges on Mt Cranmore this afternoon when the sun finally came out! At least used those 2 dreary days to get in some programming work that I've been putting off. Some weeks are just like that!

Monday was actually interesting 'cause when I go up to take the car, I always bring my road bike. There are lots of interesting loops to ride up in that area, most of which don't involve a lot of traffic, unlike down here in the Mount Washington Valley. This time I decided to ride up Rt 2 and on to the top of Randolph Hill. That's a really neat area, with an spectacular view of Kings Ravine. If it weren't so far from everything I do, I would love to live up there. Robert and Merriam Underhill had a place up there and actually are buried off Durand Road, off Rt 2 in Randolph. I can understand the attraction. I sotted a cabin on Randolph Hill Road with almost 2 acres of land for only $85k, but I don't think you could live in it full time. Oh well...

I stopped by the White Mountain cafe for a coffee and muffin on the way home and ran into a guy who had just ridden up from Jackson. Interestingly enough he was also a climber and reads this Report, so we had a interesting conversation about climbing and cycling. He mentioned that i don't talk all that much about the cycling I do, almost every day, so I figured that I might start mentioning it more. After all it IS a pretty big part of my life up here in the Whites. So look out, I'm probably going to veer off in to bike speak on occasion.
Ice Conditions Report:
Selected Ice Conditions effective November 16, 2017
I got up at 5:30, grabbed some cereal, grabbed a coffee at the Frontside and headed up to the Notch to check things out. As I left town it started snowing lightly, getting heavier as I went along. By the time I got past Bartlett it was obvious that getting any really good pictures was going to be doubtful. Pulling into the Dry River Campground where I take pics of the Amphitheater, I could make out the climbs, but they were hard to really see. It was the same at the Standard Route pullout and Dracula. Further up I couldn't even see Willies Slide or anything on Mt Willard! I took pictures anyway, boping I could tweak them, but it wasn't promising. I was able to get pics of Snot Rocket and the trestle cut by pulling into the viewing area. Coming back down past Standard I stopped again and was able to get a little better shot than previously.
Huntington Ravine possible  
Repentance OUT  
Standard Route possible Click to see route picture.
Dracula OUT Click to see route picture.
For the full current conditions report, CLICK HERE

ESAW2014- Eastern Snow and Avalanche Workshop

Although winter seems like such a long way off I suspect we’ll see frozen precipitation in the high country before we know it.  As crystals pile up the peril of avalanches won’t be far behind so I’m happy to announce the upcoming *ESAW 2014 on Friday night November 7th and Saturday November 8th* *in North Conway, NH*.  *This year we have a new venue at “Theatre in the Wood”, a few miles from IME and last year’s elementary school location.*

*Registration and up to date information is online at

You can contact us at  Our social networking will be active on facebook and our new Twitter feed ESAW@ESAWavalanche. The registration fee will again be 75.00 which includes all the talks, several raffles throughout the day, coffee, donuts/fruit and social at IME with hops and barley.  We will stretch ourselves thin, but the registration will also include Friday’s fun evening social, beverages, music, and a slide show soon to be announced highlighting climbing big snowy mountains.  If you can’t make it Friday night that’s ok, but you will be missing out on a great time! We are also partnering up with the *American Alpine Club (AAC)* over the next 3 years to help bring more avalanche education to climbers.  Unfortunately, in the Northeast climbers lead our avalanche fatalities and accidents so we are partnering to change this trend.  The AAC’s “Live your Dream Grant” now has an additional ESAW Award and Friday night will in part be a fundraiser to raise awareness about all the AAC is doing.

Any remaining funds will go to The White Mountain Avalanche Education Fund set up to educate kids of the northeast about avalanches.  For more information follow this link to the MWAC website.

If  you are a teacher or a coach of High School students please let me know if you are interested in your young adults coming to ESAW at no charge. We look forward to seeing all of you at ESAW 2014 in North Conway NH on November 7th and 8th!  Please forward this to anyone you feel may be interested.

Chris Joosen- Director Mount Washington Avalanche Center, White Mountain National Forest

Instant Bug Report - 0:
Hardly anything is out there so it's a flat 0. Enjoy it folks.

IMPORTANT NOTE - there was a case of a local person contracting EE, which is gotten through mosquito bite. The local paper reported today that she DIED! It is not clear that they got it here, but it's worth knowing. Wear bug spray in the woods, and at twilight and early morning.

AAC Fall BBQ At Cathedral Ledge:
Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 25, 2014. It’s time for our annual Fall BBQ in New Hampshire As always it’s BYOB and a grille item. The club will provide the grille, and side salads.  

When: Saturday October 25, 5pm till 9pm
Where: Base of Cathedral – picnic area opposite kisok
Contact: New England Section Co-Chair Nancy Savickas

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Have fun and climb safe,

Al Hospers
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My success rate is much higher when I'm soloing. It's easier to talk yourself into quitting when you have someone to talk to.
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