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March 28, 2019

Hi Folks,

What a beautiful Spring day it was, and still is. A bluebird morning just below freezing at 6 AM, followed by more bluebird and mid-40 degree temps by noon. I know, I know many folks would be happy with ice season all year 'round. But for many of us who live up here in the hinterlands, 5 months is quite enough thank you.

I hadn't seen dirt anywhere other than the occasional muddy driveway since October. Or at least until a few days ago when I noticed that the path that I snowblow out to my compost pile in the back yard was showing some brown. I thought it was just pine needles and the like, but it turned out that it was actually ground! And then the next day I spotted some Rhododendron branches poking out of the snowbanks in front of my house. Amazing...

Regarding the pine needles on my compost path, I've noticed a very interesting thing about them in other places. I was riding the fat tire bike the other day on the Sidehill Trail, off the Peaked Trail on the East Side. The trail was well packed, but where there were pine needles on the trail, they caused the trail to be "pock marked". It was as if they absorb the sunlight, make the snow warmer and melt some holes into the snowpack. I'd never noticed that before and it was interesting. I'm also noticing the wells around all of the trees. The sap is flowing and there is no question that spring is here.

This means that it's time to look for some 3 or 4 sport days now. This is the time of year where you can grab an easy ice climb somewhere, do a road or fat tire bike ride, ski something and hit Humphreys Ledge for some warm rock. I've managed numerous 3 sport days and the occasional 4. It's one of the real benefits of living up here year-round. I could have managed it today, but I had to do the Report and take care of a couple of errands. I did manage to get in a nice bike ride on Mt Clinton Road, but couldn't manage any other time-wise today. [SIGH]
Here are a few interesting pictures taken this morning:

As always the climb-by-climb pics are on Facebook and

I've ridden the fat tire bike 3 times thins week. The first 2 were here in North Conway. One was a nice ride on the snowmobile trails you can access at Hemlock Lane behind Walmart. The second was up the Peaked Trail to the intersection, then hanging a right on the Sidehill Trail. This one turned into a bit of a kerfuffle when I lost the trail while heading down the hill. I ended up riding through the woods on the crust and ending up finally crossing The Knot. I knew I couldn't really get lost, so it was just an entertaining adventure. HA

This morning I rode Mt Clinton Road all the way to the Base Road and Jefferson Notch Road. I was hoping to ride up Jefferson Notch as well but by 11:30 AM it was very soft and chewed up by the snow machines. Mt Clinton Road itself wasn't too bad, a little soft here & there. There was a place where the snow had collapsed and there were two 4' holes in the road, with pavement at the bottom and water running over it! Still, it was a nice ~6 mile ride. 46 degrees at the car when I got back tho!

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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