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May 9, 2019

Hi Folks,

I got a note from the manager at Echo Lake State Park that the road to the top of Cathedral was opened yesterday. Good news for climbers. Passaconaway Road was opened a few days ago as well. However both Hurricane Mountain and Bear Notch Roads are not open yet. There is still much debris and some snow up on both, but hopefully soon... I have no information on Evans Notch at this time.

So it's the dawn, if you will, of a new season. And is so often the case, I've been hearing rumblings from folks talking about training and g getting themselves in shape for biking, hiking and rock season. Yes, rock season, which I assure you IS coming our way in spite of this seemingly late spring. And yes, in spite of the fact that it went down to 29 overnight here in the Valley folks!

There is always something new on the training horizon, and of course training regimens are very personal things. Back when I was living in Miami in the late 70's, I was running a lot of 10 K's and more. The IN thing at that time was Fartlek, which means "speed play" or "fun run". I did it a lot, but also mixed in some swimming. It worked for me at that time. Then I got into riding the road bike a lot. For that, interval training was the big thing, as was spending lots of money on lightweight components to supposedly help you climb better and go faster. I fell for it for a bit, until someone who I respected pointed out that if I gave up my beer intake for a few weeks I would shave off a pound or 2 and not need that new lightweight crankset that was going to set me back $400+. Plus overall I would just feel better. Turns out that works! About 10 years ago I went on a trip to ride the road bike in the Pyrenees, following the Tour. Of course I did my training rides, but I quit drinking for a month before I left, dropped almost 10 pounds and managed to do all the hill climbs in generally good form.

As I've gotten older, the training has become more difficult. I've personally found that a mix of things works best for me, plus training all year 'round. Needless to say YMMV, but I think it's really about finding the correct mix of the old adage - DIET AND EXERCISE... Workout but don't workout too much and watch what you eat and drink. It's a mix of climbing, do some yoga, ride the bike, stretch, do some amount of lifting, walk/hike, do planks and above all stay hydrated. I call it Cross Train, not Cross Fit!

I'm not going to climb 5.11, run marathons, or ride 2,500+ miles a year. Those days are gone. But hopefully I'm going to keep climbing, riding the road and mountain bikes very regularly and just doing the things I want to be doing as often as possible. I believe that moderation and variety are the key. Just a thought... PS... If you're looking for a nice toprope or beginner lead area, check out The Other Classroom at the top of Cathedral Ledge. I checked it out this morning and it's in great shape.
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On Sunday, May 12, 2019 starting at 2:30 PM Ed will be presenting his Mt. Everest The Hard Way slide show at Stevens Memorial Library on 345 Main Street North Andover, Mass. FREE !! Tell your Climbing friends! May 12 will also be the 31st Anniversary of his Very-Close To The Summit Day...
phone (978) 688-9505

This week I've ridden on both the East and West sides. The Swenson, Outer Limits and Twilight Zone trails are in very good shape right now. A little water here and there, but mostly clear and clean. The West side is another matter. The Echo Lake trails have several trees down and lots of debris. The same is true of the Ultimate Singletrack and Electric Loop. I rode the latter 2 on Wednesday and they both looked as if they had not been ridden this spring. We cleared the stuff we could, but they need a chainsaw and walk-through to be back to where they should be.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
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North Conway, New Hampshire

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