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November 4, 2021

Hi Folks,

You ever wonder how far it is from the Frankenstein parking lot to the base of Standard Route? No? Well I'm going to tell you anyway. LOL It's almost exactly 1 mile! I know 'cause rode the bike in along the tracks there this afternoon. The Scenic RR folks were working on the rails just past Dracula. When I rode up close they told me that I was trespassing. [sigh] But hey...they were nice about it so it's all good.

ICE FEST 2022:
Yup, unless there is some serious issue, the Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest is happening this year. One VERY IMPORTANT thing to be aware of is that all attendees are going to be required to provide proof of vaccination. Unlike some other events, no negative tests will be permitted. So, be sure to bring your card and picture ID, or you won't be able to participate.

The official date is February 4-6, 2022. Stay tuned for website and registration updates, guest guide information, and party details. If you have any questions, you can call IMCS at (603) 356-7064.

Hey, you know the deal. Around this time every year I ask you all for money. I do hate to ask, but it kind of goes with the territory. As much as I enjoy getting out to take pics and write all this stuff, it does suck up a lot of time and energy. That's why I have the annual fundraiser and believe me, your support is VERY appreciated. I know that everyone getting the weekly emailing or reading it on, Facebook or seeing the video Report on Instagram likes having the latest skinny every week. So please take a minute and make a contribution. Any amount is welcome, even the $1.08 that someone sent last winter - GO FIGURE! So please take a minute to help support NEClimbs and The White Mountain Report. It's easy, just go ON LINE and make your donation via PayPal. You don't even need a PayPal account, you can use almost any credit card. Just click the link below:

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The expenses of the running and maintaining and putting out The White Mountain Report continue all year. PLEASE REMEMBER, it's your contribution that makes this newsletter and the NEClimbs web site viable.

BTW You can see almost all of the Reports on archived from as far back as September of 1999! To get a sense of the popularity of the site, current traffic as of November 3, 2021 on is about 2840 UNIQUE visits a day, generating over 1.5 million monthly "HITS". The White Mountain Report newsletter goes out to over 1,210 subscribers weekly!

Thank you once again for your support...

According to the CDC community transmission is high here in Carroll County. I wear a mask any time I'm in a place like the grocery store, pharmacy, coffee shop, etc. I do this even tho I have gotten my booster.

I think that the 750,000 PLUS number of deaths in the US stands for itself. We're in first place, and that's not a good thing!

New Hampshire:
11 new deaths reported
635 new cases reported
4,089 Active cases
194 patients are currently hospitalized
0 1,581 total deaths

United States:
Confirmed: 46,312,359
Deaths: 751,231

Confirmed: 248,466,545
Deaths: 5,027,473

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracking map:

I find JHU's Daily COVID-19 Data in Motion report to be very informative. It shares critical data on COVID-19 from the last 24 hours in a short 1 minute animated video format.



I got in a couple of rides this past week, in between the weather. One was a new loop I found last winter that starts on Eagle Way by Kennett HS, heads up a snowmobile trail to the Pine Hill water tower, over to the Rec Trail, back along the Saco to the Police Station, across East Conway Rd, back along the RR tracks, through the woods on Redstone and then back to the car. It's a fun little 7.5 mile ride that's even more fun in the winter on the fat tire bike. Then today I just did the short ride down the Frankenstein RR tracks to Dracula and back, even tho apparently that's not allowed except during the winter. Oh well... I'll do it again in early ice season like I've done several years now.


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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

Ice climbing is similarly pure. I hike to the base of a waterfall. It is in or out of condition. I am in or out condition. I choose whether I can deal with the riddle that nature presents or not. There's no way to frig it.
Johnny Blitz
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