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September 29, 2022

Hi Folks,

The woman whose son was bitten by a loose dog in Whitaker Woods last week would likely agree with the statement that "All dogs are good dogs, until they aren't!" Having had those words offered to me many times while riding my bike both on the road and in the woods, and been chased and nipped, I would have to agree. As a climber, I could posit the following; "All bolts are good, until they aren't!"

I've replaced many many bolts in this area over the years. Some because I wanted to climb the route and didn't trust the bolts, some because they just needed to be replaced and it was time and a few simply because someone asked me to. I noticed a post by Mike Morin on FB a few days ago about his replacing 6 bolts on a route on Attitash Crag. I haven't been there in several years, but I'm not at all surprised as many of those routes were put in a very long time ago. While most of the hangers looked OK, the pictures of the studs looked somewhat problematic. They weren't as bad as the 1/4" buttonheads I replaced on Lady Slipper almost 20 years ago, but they didn't look great. The good thing, in both cases, was that for the most part the old holes were able to be reused. The new stainless studs and hangers should last much longer than the old ones. There are a number of videos on line that describe the bolt removal process. Here's one:

I also read an interesting story by author/climber John Long about a very interesting cave in Joshua Tree. I won't repost his story without permission, but I found several references and descriptions on the Web. Here's one with some cool pictures. If I get out there again some time I'll definitely check it out.

I took a short ride up into the Notch this afternoon. Not that there was all that much to see. Even the foliage isn't in full form yet, but it was nice nonetheless. Fun to imagine how it's going to look in 6 weeks or so too.

I know I've mentioned some of this before, but since it came up for me recently I figured I'd write about it again. I go to a dermatologist at least twice a year and the last time I was there the doctor identified a squamous cell on my chest. I thought I was going to have to have it surgically removed and would be unable to climb, ride or go to the gym for several weeks while the stitches healed up. Fortunately my doctor was able to get it all without having to do that, but it's worth noting that this is not something to be ignored. I grew up in Florida and Georgia, so between climbing, riding and all things outdoors I have a LOT of UV exposure in my history. Even tho I religiously apply Sunscreen every time I'm outside, I have a lot of history and have to be quite careful. I'm just reminding you all that you should be very assiduous about the sunscreen, wearing a hat and keeping an eye out on any changes on your skin. My sister had a very bad on on top of her head, and I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Word to the wise...

I'll be playing a duo jazz show at the Majestic on Friday 10/23 with acclaimed Woodstock NY guitarist Peter Einhorn.
None that I've seen this week, but who knows...

SOME LOCAL/NATIONAL PANDEMIC STATISTICS AND THOUGHTS: I'm scrambling to find a drummer for my private party gig on Saturday because his wife got Covid! SHEESH... And I'll just leave you with this - "New Hampshire health officials announce 12 new COVID-19 deaths over past week"

New Hampshire:
12 New death(s) reported over past 6 days!!!
1,727 Active cases
34 Current hospitalizations being treated for COVID
2,705 Total deaths due to COVID-19

United States:
Confirmed: 96,333,399
Deaths: 1,059,207 (up yet another 4,000)

Confirmed: 617,063,571 (up 4 MILLION)
Deaths: 6,544,121

I find JHU's Daily COVID-19 Data in Motion report to be very informative. It shares critical data on COVID-19 from the last 24 hours in a short 1 minute animated video format.


Trails overall are still pretty good, tho there are some places still with trees and branches down. There is also muddy spots here & there in low-lying places. As far as the cross country trails go we're still doing OK. But a bunch of the downhill trails in the aptly named Hurricane Zone are funky. There is going to be trail work going on over there on Saturday, so that should help.

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Remember - climb hard, ride the steep stuff, stay safe and above all BE NICE,

Al Hospers
The White Mountain Report
North Conway, New Hampshire

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Andy Cairns
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