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Carabiner Knife Model 1004x
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Model 1004x
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Model 1004x
National Geographic
$49.95 for members, 59.95 non-members

Make no mistake about it, every climber needs to carry a knife. You may never need to cut your partner loose, but there will certainly be something that you'll need to cut at some point in time when you're out there on the crag. Unfortunately, probably more often than not, when you need it, it's in the pack at the bottom of the cliff. With the Kershaw Carabiner Tool, that doesn't have to be the case. First let's set the record straight... Althought this does look and function just like every other locking carabiner you have hanging off your harness, it is NOT load-bearing. While unfortunate, it's not all that big a deal. I just wanted to get that clear up up front. I don't know it it even would have been possible to do.

The cool thing about the Carabiner Tool is that you can clip it anywhere, it stay's put and it is a very good knife. The screw gate is knurled, easy to operate wearing gloves or mittens and doesn't seem to freeze up any more than the screw-lock beiners I have. With a super sharp AUS6A stainless-steel blade that's partially serrated, you can slice or saw through almost anything. The blade locks in position and is easy to operate one-handed. It also has both straight and phillips head screwdrivers and a beer-bottle opener (yea!). Built on an aluminium alloy frame, it shouldn't rust or corrode.

I don't really remember where I saw this baby advertised. It looked neat and I knew that I wanted one, but had a hard toime finding where I could get it. At last, after poking around on the National Geographic web site, I finally found it. There is a member and non-member price ($49.95/$59.95) and either is pricey. Unfortunately I don't think that you are going to find this item anywhere else, so you just have to suck it up and get it throught them. Apparently you can't even get it from Kershaw directly! They show it on their site, but the link is to the main National Geographic site. Here is a link to the NG site where you can buy it. In my opinion the only down-side is the price.

Conclusion:  This is a great tool to have on your belt. I find myself wanting another for my regular hiking pack and camera bag. It's useful and solid but a bit pricey. I highly recommend it.

Details: made for National Geographic by Kershaw Knives. $59.95 for non-members, $49.95 for members

Al Hospers
January 2004

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