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Current conditions in North Conway, NH at 8:30a on 01/16/18 - Temperature: 15.9 °F - Wind speed: 0.0 mph - Wind chill: 15.9 °F - Barometric pressure: 30.432 in - 3 Hour Barometer Trend: Steady - Humidity: 69 %
IceCON 2. Some trade routes are climbable, even in lower elevations.
2 out of a possible 5
The White Mountain Report: Jan 13th, 2018
Thursday was the first day in over a month when I let my wood stove go out during the day. Considering that I get ~60% of my heat from wood and the stove runs 24/7, that's a major milestone for any winter. Temps today have been in the upper 30's all day and they are projected to be in the 40's or even low 50's tomorrow. With the rain that's projected, I may have to put on an Hawaiian shirt and jams for the day!
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Mount Washington Valley Ice Fest 2018
Ice Fest 2018
The MWV Ice Fest is considered one of the premier climbing events in the country. For 25 years it has provided a great opportunity for those attending to network, socialize, try new gear and participate in multiple day courses, one-day technicalclinics and privately guided climbs. Don't miss it!

February 2-4 in North Conway, NH.
2017/2018 Annual Fundraiser
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Our Current Review
The Notches: A Rock Climber's Guide to the Western White Mountains of New Hampshire
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Do we really need another guidebook for the White Mountains? From what I see I would have to answer that in the affirmative!
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White Mountain Route Database and Guide
Route of the Moment

Odell's Gully -  WI 3 II

Odell's offer's some very nice technical ice climbing in a spectacular setting. Generally the right side is the most difficult, middle easiest and left side somewhere in between. The upper section near the top-out can be prone to avalanche.

Checkout the 5 Latest Additions:
The Staircase
Circling Scavengers
Vultures' Express
Klettersteig Ridge
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Quotes From the Ledge:
The hype pretended that M7, or 8, or 12 for that matter, had never before been climbed un thil the current practitioners rap bolted some overhanging choss heap, rehersed it, climbed it, did photo shoots on it, and treated it as commerce.
—Mark Twight
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Taken right at the top-out on Bob's Delight in the Amphitheater.
<br />
Frankenstein Cliffs, Crawford Notch
Taken right at the top-out on Bob's Delight in the Amphitheater.
Frankenstein Cliffs, Crawford Notch
Selected Ice Conditions effective January 15, 2018
We are back in to the freezer after 2 daze of amazingly warm temps. Lots of climbs came down and were hurt, but after a solid day of well below freezing, things are rebounding well. If you're going out climbing this week, be prepared for anything. But also be prepared to be pleasantly surprised.
Huntington Ravine UNKNOWN  
Repentance OUT  
Standard Route poor at best Click to see route picture.
Dracula poor Click to see route picture.
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January 26, 2018 — Smuggler's Notch Ice Bash

February 2, 2018 — 2018 MWV Ice Fest

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One Of Our Articles: A Climber's Library (part 1)
When I first began climbing I had no idea there was such a thing as climbing literature. A few years into it, I was hanging out with all these AMC types. It seemed they were all a hundred years old and knew a lot more than me. I made a fool of my self in a conversation when I admitted to not knowing who Fred Becky was
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